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Trade Finance
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Trade Finance
Global Deposit Scheme Our large network of branches and experienced staff ensure that your import documents are processed and settled without any delay. Our Product range include:
Issuance of Letter of credit

Letters of Credit are issued by us to our own clients as per credit facilities extended to them.

Advising of LCs , amendments of LCs , Confirming of LCs and other related functions are undertaken for our own customers.

Collection , purchase and discount , negotiation of export documents of both sight and usance period will be handled very competently for our valued customers.

Trust receipts and invoice finance are other facilities being extended to our trade finance customers.

For enquiries including opening of Customer Account and arranging to LC Issue Facility We handle documents drawn on our customers sent on collection basis at competent prices and in a professional manner.For enquiries do call our Trade Credit Officials on 00852-29704819, 970 4822 .

Buyers Credit

Short Term Finance up to 360 days from shipment date provided to Indian importers in US$ or in other major currencies at very competitive LIBOR linked rates, under Letter of Undertaking (LOU) of branches of PNB and other major Indian Banks.

The applicants Bank should send LOU by authenticated SWIFT in the specified format.

After availing the facility the LOU issuing Bank/Branch should send acknowledgement of Debt by authenticated SWIFT as per given formats

Finance for capital goods imports to Indian Corporates

We also offer longer term Buyers Credit for import of Capital Goods as per RBI directives usually up to three years as per the terms of the underlying Letter of Credit. Pricing is attractive and depends on the tenor of the loan and the currency in which the loan is sought.

LOU and Acknowledgement of Debt are same as that used for normal Buyers Credit up to one year and formats can be downloaded from our website

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