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Global Deposit Scheme

More than 6500 branches of the bank in India are connected through Core Banking Services network .We have got remittance products customized to take care of the urgent needs of NRIs wishing to send money home at the quickest possible time. We assure you that the money reaches the designated recipient well in time for any urgent needs.

What is required?

  • Your Remittances can be sent in INR through our CBS Instant Transfer and remittances in other major currencies by draft / Swift.
  • You have to fill in remittance application form available at the branch and submit it with a copy of their Hong Kong ID card.
  • For customers depositing the money in cash for remittance.
    • (a) For Non-account holders Cash up to HKD 8000.00 is accepted with a copy of Hong Kong ID card.
    • (b) For account holders we accept Cash up to HKD 8000. For above HKD 8000.00, We require proof of source of funds.
      There fore, cashier order/ Cheque has to be obtained from any bank, against which the remittance will be sent immediately.
    • (c). If you tender your Personal Cheque then the remittance shall be sent on the third day after the funds has been cleared.

Under (b) and (c) , it is purely dependent on customer's needs and there is no limit on the amount that can be remitted.

PNB Hong Kong can make remittances to anywhere in India.

Schedule of charges. For further details please click here.
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