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Global Deposit Schemes
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Global Deposit Schemes
Global Deposit Scheme Punjab National Bank has introduced 2 schemes namely PNB Global Foreign Currency Deposit Scheme and Rupee Deposit Scheme. Under these schemes, NRls are entitled to following additional benefits/concessions provided minimum deposit equivalent to USD 5000 in FCNR or RS.250000/- in NRE is maintained:-
  • Rebate in interest rates on housing loan for the account holder orfor one person nominated by NRI in India.
  • Waiver of Upfront & Documentation fees on all retail loan products for the account holder or for anyone nominated person in India.
  • Free remittance up to RS.1 lac per annum from his account to anywhere in India, subject to recovery of out of pocket expenses.
  • No collection charges on any instrument collected in account holder's account, up to RS.1 lac per annum, from anywhere in India subject to recovery of out of pocket expenses.
  • Depository services: 50% concessions on service charges of our bank till the deposits remain with our bank.
  • Free multicity chequebook for CBS branch customers.
  • Free Lockers facility for the customers maintaining a minimum balance of USD 10000 or its equivalent under foreign currency deposit scheme or Rs.500000/- under rupee deposit scheme.
  • No Inter-branch transaction charges for account holders in CBS branches.
  • Free Internet Banking, ATMlDebit card facility.
  • Bank will bear foreign bank charges on transfer of funds to our Nostro Accounts subject to minimum deposit equivalent to USD 10000.
  • Linkage with saving account for family at home by allowing overdraft by marking lien in their FCNR/NRE Term Deposit account.
How to open account
Non-Resident Indians interested in opening accounts under above schemes can download the Account Opening Form (AOF) from Bank's Website for NRI Services or send a request for AOF at our E-mail address, or contact branch.
NRls can forward duly filled AOF alongwith the following documents to the branch where they wish to open their accounts or Exchange Houses: -
  • Two passport size photographs for each account holder (one each to be affixed in AOF)
  • Copies of relevant pages of passport
  • Initial remittance for opening of account
  • Copies of passport and photographs are to be self attested by each applicant.
  • A set of specimen signatures of applicants on a separate sheet duly authenticated by Indian Embassy/ Consulate/ Bank/Person known to the Bank or Notary Public may also be submitted with AOF. The account can also be , introduced by existing account holder of the Bank.
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